My First Post!!!

Dear readers, this blog is dedicated to the wonder of you.  I hope you enjoy.

 When I tell people what I do, they tend to avert their eyes!  I am a hypnotist.  I travel the country performing stage shows.  As a consulting hypnotist I help people make great changes in their lives by altering the way they view themselves.  All hypnosis is self hypnosis, it enhances the gifts you already have, even if you aren’t aware of them!  The mind is a powerful force.  I’ve been privileged to help guide people through their fears, unhealthy habits, and even the way they talk to themselves.  It’s unbelievably freeing!  People are more creative, resilient, healthy, and even more beautiful than they think they are!  I know this for a fact, I see it every day!

I perform comedy hypnosis shows at celebrations that bring laughter and togetherness while commemorating milestones, and accomplishments in families, communities, and businesses.  I’ve seen the father of the bride “selling” fish to the wedding guests, teenagers shrieking with joy at seeing their friends playing invisible instruments in rock bands, and every workplace tension is put on hold while marveling at the spectacle of someone convinced they can speak an alien language.  Hypnosis puts the troubles of “real life” on hold while we get to marvel at the wonders of, well, us!!!

As a consulting hypnotist I see people bravely moving forward, even when they think they can’t.  They are facing their demons, dealing with weight, smoking, fears, and low self-esteem.  Even then, I can see a spark. The fact that they have chosen to see me – and for many, hypnosis is the last ditch effort – the very fact that they came, is proof that they haven’t given up.  I can work with that!  They have the flame, and hypnosis can fan it.  

 Hypnosis has entered its maturity, it’s solid science, we can see it in the brain waves, we know how it works, and what an amazing tool!  I like to think of hypnosis as the “art of leading people back to themselves.”  After a session my clients are calm, and centered.  I’ve had many say that it’s the first time they’ve felt right in their own skin in years.  It’s a lot like a reset button.  And guess what?  That person you see in mirror, staring back at you – that person is amazing.  I see people reinvent themselves every day.  They are going back to school, taking a first airplane ride, speaking in front of a group, getting healthy and allowing themselves to say “hey, I’m doing great!”  Or even, “I’m beautiful!”  Yes, you are.  Inside and out.

Hypnosis has allowed me to see the beauty and caring of my fellows.  When you are on the road a lot,  with hours to think, meeting hundreds of people, you have time to process and appreciate.    I’ve seen an entry level worker try to give the “free vacation day” he won at the company party to his supervisor, announcing that she did the work of three people.  She wouldn’t take it.  I’ve seen parents from all walks of life spending hours and hours building sets and decorating, so that their children could have magical proms, and safe graduation parties.  One of my clients closed their entire 24 hour a day truck stop so that every employee could come to the holiday party.   

I have performed everywhere from a bunch of hay bales wrapped in tarps, to the glamorous Las Vegas stage.  I couldn’t pick a favorite.  Everywhere has been awesome.  My life has been enriched in so many ways my experiences.  My small town clients reward me with cookies, a free tank of gas, and invite me into their homes for meals.  Someone even offered me a horse!  Once, years ago when I was just getting started, one of my rural clients came up with a sizable “tip” for me after my show, because “they didn’t like the look of those rear tires.”   My urban clients are awesome too!  Making sure that I see the sights and enjoy the culture of their unique city.  Everyone loves their home town, no matter the size.  Most people are made of good stuff.  It’s easy to lose track of that these days.

I always end each of my comedy hypnosis shows with words to this effect, “ from this moment forward, I want you to know and believe that you deserve the best that life has to offer, no one in the world has ever existed who is exactly like you, you are literally as unique as your fingerprint, you spend so much time looking after the needs of others, and, in turn, you deserve the best possible care for yourself.”   I then follow it up with the personal goals of that group, it’s often making healthy life choices and reducing stress.

As I was exiting the stage at a large corporate event the other day, I passed the CEO who was thoughtfully surveying the happy, laughing volunteers leaving the stage.  He looked at me and said, “You really believe in people, don’t you?”

Yes, I do.